Sunday, March 01, 2009

"My Pants Don't Fit Anymore"

During one of our performances of Runaways this weekend (the last performance of which was today) one of my friends told me that her pants don't fit her anymore. Usually this would be a bad thing for someone to realize, and that's how it sounded when it came out of her mouth. However, in Runaways there is so much dancing that it's hard to gain any weight during that show. What she was actually saying is that her pants were becoming too big for her.
I found this perception of life interesting. Usually we look at what is going wrong in our life instead of looking at it in a better light. The smallest twist in the situation can alter our perception of it, but it's our perceptions that we can alter in the first place. All we need to do is have enough want to look at everything in a good light and our perceptions will be altered to see just that.

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