Monday, March 09, 2009


Last night I realized that I hate being taken to the hospital.

I was on my way home from the renaissance festival last night when the guy in front of me suddenly stopped and I tried to stop but didn't have enough time so I ended up running in to him. After I told my dad that I had a small headache he had me taken to the hospital. They put a neck brace on me and strapped me to a board before putting me in the ambulance. Then in there they put the IV in me, which made me really nervous since we were in a moving vehicle. I also couldn't see where we were going since I was staring at the ceiling the entire time, which was really unnerving. Then, when I was at the hospital they wouldn't let me walk anywhere on my own. They wheeled me around in that stupid bed thing. Also the IV was really irritating. I couldn't move my arm or I could feel it moving inside me (how ironic). When I got back home I realized that I was really slow. I guess that's from a combination of the recent adrenaline rush that I had had and the pain killers that the doctors had given me. Nonetheless, I'm ok now (thank goodness).


Anonymous said...

Better to be safe than sorry. :-)
Just think if Natasha Richardson was taken to the hospital immediately. Things would be happier news.
I am glad that you are better.
Take Care-

Josh said...

Hospitals have generally unnerved me. However, the pain meds are a redeeming factor in my book~